New to blockchains, crypto-currency, and tokens? It’s simpler than it seems! We’re here to help you learn about the new, alternative financial system that blockchains have to offer. Here you can learn how to manage digital assets on the blockchain!

For starters, we suggest installing a digital wallet on your computer and your mobile device. This is one of the first steps into the world of tokenization and blockchain.

We can strongly recommend Trust Wallet and Atomic Wallet – both are excellent choices for your first digital wallet.

Receiving Income Payments (Returns)

Generally speaking, all INVESTX listed residential properties will be rental properties. To prove the reality of tokenized real estate in its fullest, it is important to illustrate the full rights of INVESTX token owners.

Receiving rental payments from tenants is one of the most salient mechanisms in which full rights over the property are conveyed. Receiving rental payments also makes INVESTX token offerings more enticing.

While ownership of property via a token is noteworthy; adding in rights to the cash flows generated by rental payments from tenants makes things far more interesting.

The rent from tenants is collected by the property management service. The rent, net of operating costs including property management fees, insurance, and real estate taxes, is then exchanged for USDC or TETHER stablecoins by the INVESTX property management service.

Once collected we automatically dispense the rent payments, pro-rata, to the Ethereum digital wallets that hold INVESTX tokens on a regular basis.

The same system applies to INVESTX listed commercial properties that operate and the producing income/output benefits are linked to the respectively allocated INVESTX tokens.

Each token is fully backed by the value of the attached property and the output productivity of its products.

Why tokenized or fractional ownership?

We all know, Real Estate is expensive and ownership comes with a load of responsibilities and costs. For example: The median U.S. home price is around $200,000. With a typical 30-year, 4.5% APR mortgage, at $200,000 – said home will cost $365,000, after interest.

Therefore, for a strong ROI, mortgage-based real estate investments make no sense. As a result, investing in real estate has become exclusively available for wealthy individuals, who have access to the significant capital required to make real estate an attractive investment.

Tokenization and fractional ownership of Real Estate present the possibility of investing in these desirable assets from almost anywhere in the world with low risk, liquidity, security and exceptional ease.



In order for the sale of INVESTX tokens to be compliant with applicable regulations, purchasing a tokens through the INVESTX website will require the implementation of “know your customer” (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) procedures. INVESTX is implementing KYC procedures to verify the identities of our token purchasers and AML procedures to ensure that payments for tokens do not come from illegal sources.



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