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CAMBUCOIN is organizing crowdfunded sustainability projects by issuing digital crypto token to the participating public. If you are using a mobile Ethereum wallet, you can scan the QR code displayed here to automatically process the payment. Any amount of Ethereum you send will be converted at a rate of $0.75 per CAMBUCOIN token.

If you do not have the QR scanning ability within your Ethereum wallet, you can manually submit the transaction using the provided Ethereum address.

To do so, copy the Ethereum address into the recipient address of your wallet and select the amount of Ethereum you wish to convert into CAMBUCOIN tokens.

After you have successfully sent the Ethereum transaction, you will receive a confirmation message on your wallet. CAMBUCOIN tokens will be manually sent to your wallet address as soon as the transaction is confirmed by our team and the blockchain.

Before you send any Ethereum, please verify that you are sending to the correct Ethereum address:


Do not send from Exchanges or custodian wallets! We will only issue CAMBUCOIN to the paying ethereum address.

Our service team can be reached 24/7 on to answer any of your questions and inquiries.

Project details on


Click the button below and pay conveniently with your Visa, Master or American Express card. Processing time and verification for the CambuCoin token purchase is around 6 hours.


Want to participate in our Sustainability Projects? Our support team is available 24/7 to to assist you via phone, email or chat.

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