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Why Millennial Investors love fractional Investments

Do you know about fractional investments? Are you investing at all? If you haven’t already heard, millennials aren’t investing at the rate they probably should. Armed with reasons that range from not having enough money in the bank, to a general distrust of the stock market, 43% of millennials said in a recent GOBankingRates survey […]

Creating a digital Wallet

Stepping into the world of cryptocurrency and creating an Ethereum or Multi-currency wallet opens up an entire universe of possibilities. While some choose to simply invest in currencies like Ether, others have expanded their boundaries and are using their Ether to invest in real-world asset ownership via tokenization. What is an Ethereum Wallet? Cryptocurrency wallets […]

Real-World Asset Tokenization

Digital assets are a new form of ownership. Want to see what asset tokenization looks like in practice? Here’s a glimpse of the future of real estate. Bitcoin has proven a concept that spawned an entire industry: digitally-native assets and asset tokenization. The invention of the blockchain created the infrastructure the internet needed for hosting […]